About the Author

L.R. Williamson

Born in a small conservative Baptist town, L.R. later moved to Houston, Miami, New York, Mexico, Buenos Aires, and currently resides in San Antonio, TX, with his partner of 21 years, Leo. 

L.R. and Leo restore historic houses using reclaimed wood, tiles and fixtures. They have two rescue dogs.

L.R wrote his first story at age 9, From a Dog's Point of View. He had great hopes for the story about the relationship between humans and canine, but it was cut short when the family put the dog outside. His next book, Prairie Springs, took him 7 years to write. When it was released it stayed #1 for several weeks in several Kindle categories, including gay, religion, and comedy fiction. To read a review by Amos Lassen, one of the top book and movie reviewers, click on his name.

While he has promised a sequel to Prairie Springs, he says the prequel, Ivory Black, will be released before the sequel.

Notebook and Pen