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I knew my life was special, simply because it was the life I was given. Did I like my life? No. But it was—and is—more appealing than the alternative.

Having written a successful novel, Prairie Springs, and by successful, I mean I finished it without getting a divorce, I decided it was time to put my marriage to the test once again and write a brutally honest collection of stories from my life. What surprises me the most is I am alive to write about them. Realizing life is a gift—a gift with an unannounced expiration date—the time to tell my stories is now.

The goal of writing this collection, aside from the entertainment aspect, is to help others who might be dealing with some of the same struggles to remember there is always hope, and dreams should be chased with wild abandon.

I wish everyone health, happiness and honest, judgement-free communication.



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L.R. Williamson

Coming in 2021.

A brutally honest collection of stories from a gay kid who grew up in small, close-minded Texas towns with an anorexic mother, two fetishes, one testicle, and a dream.


Coming 2021


As kids, we search for a friend…to be loved. As adolescents, we want to be popular…to be loved. As adults, we search for a life partner…to be loved. I, like most, wanted to fit in and be the life of the party. But then I found myself sitting in a corner (if invited at all), avoiding interaction. I found comfort living in my imagination. This is because I grew up in small conservative towns, and it was difficult (and possibly deadly) being me, so I pretended I wasn’t. In my mind, I had friends; I was popular; I was an artist; I was handsome; I was loved.

My first book, Prairie Springs, was just that: me, creating friends and inventing a story to go along with them. Because of the book, I met interesting and wonderful people. But when The Tonight Show called, I wasn’t comfortable enough with myself to be on national television. When I finished writing Sinfully, Me, I felt a sense of relief—naked and exposed, but relieved. 

As life grew more complex, I discovered the trick to staying alive and moving forward: dreams and angels. The angels were—and are—people who popped into my life, for one reason or another, to help me along for a certain period of time. While the dreams were what kept me trudging along, determined, though often exhausted. 

When I was a teenager, I came up with a saying: “You will only, truly know me if I’m alone; therefore, you will never know me.” I decided it was time to introduce myself—to open the door to my room, to share so another’s issues might seem smaller, to hopefully help in some way. After all, what good is life if kept a secret? 

Finally, and most importantly, whether or not you read past the first page, make sure to keep open, judgment-free communication with the ones you love. My risky behavior was because I couldn’t talk to anyone. This is especially important with parents. It’s more than, “What did you do today?” Communication starts early and it doesn’t fail. And don’t expect to have good communication with your child if you judge others, because without knowing it, you might be judging your child. 

What you are about to read is the story of my life and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.





"You will only, truly know me if I'm alone; therefore, you will never know me."
L.R. Williamson



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